When you want to be on top of your game, there’s nothing like the perfect tie to make a guy feel like a million bucks. For gals it might be jewelry, shoes or just the right lipstick. If you want the perfect accessory to your business or organization, how about trying on our ties for size? There are lots of styles and colors. One-size-fits-all. RED TiE DC is the tie that binds your business or organization with the charities you care about the most. To build ties for your business and increase visibility, send email to redtiedc@theapulse.com

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With the utmost sophistication and finesse, EVENTSTAGERS creative and reliable team are dedicated to consulting with you on everything to ensure your special occasion looks and feels exactly the way you envisaged. specializing in creating breath-taking visuals to stage business conferences, charity galas and fashion shows, as well as designing cutting edge and heart warming weddings, birthdays and functions to celebrate rites of passage. EVENTSTAGERS will take your vision and make it a stunning reality.


The Drama Coach

There’s an old saying: “Leaders are born, not made.” Well, even if U are a born leader, that doesn’t make U a born speaker. Leaders are speakers, either by choice or default. Make no mistake about that. And conversely, good speakers often become leaders.

Maybe U’re an aspiring leader who loves to speak in public. Maybe U’re a perspiring leader who’s terrified to speak in public. Effective leaders must be able to deliver a strong, compelling message that their followers can understand and turn into action. Being a compelling, captivating communicator will take U to the next level on your journey to success!

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Kid Care Any Where

Kid Care Any Where is an on-location babysitting company in the DC/MD/VA area that wants to give parents just one less reason to say no to that next event they want to attend. We want parents AND their kids to benefit from group socialization. We also want to help event organizers have well-attended events and not suffer from low attendance due to childcare needs. We are fully insured so that you (and our venue partners) can have the peace of mind you deserve when children are in our care.

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Enthuse Creative

Entuse Creative

Enthuse Creative is a full-service Alexandria-based branding strategy and design firm providing dynamic visual communications solutions for clients in the DC Metro area and beyond. In operation since 2013, Enthuse Creative is committed to building small business brands and engagement in the local community. The company provides a vast array of design services, including identity development and marketing design and document layout for print, digital, social and display media for clients in all kinds of industries and special events.

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